Marilyn Manson has had a long association with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, something that she discussed this week during an episode of Global‘s “The Talk”.

Following the bombshell accusations of abuse levelled at the shock rocker by ex Evan Rachel Wood, Osbourne used her platform as co-host of “The Talk” to address messages she’s received on social media regarding the long association that she and husband Ozzy Osbourne have had with Manson.

“I’ve known Marilyn for 25 years,” Osbourne told viewers of Manson, whom she’s worked with in her capacity as a music manager; Manson, in fact, was scheduled to join Ozzy on his since-cancelled 2020 tour.

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“[I’ve] worked with him for many, many years and obviously I would not know what goes on in his bedroom, neither do I want to,” she continued, “but as far as people who think going on all my social, calling me names and putting up pictures of Marylin and I.”

Osbourne concluded by clarifying the extent of her relationship with Manson, and her experience with him.

“You know, there’s something called a working relationship and that’s what I’ve had with Marylin for many years,” she said. “I know nothing about his sexual preferences or the way he treats women. I know how he treats an older woman, which is me. And he’s always been respectful.”

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