Queen Latifah is ready to kick some serious butt in the rebooted crime drama “The Equalizer”, relishing the opportunity to take on the title role.

First debuting on TV in 1985 with actor Edward Woodward in the lead and later spawning two movie adaptations with Denzel Washington, Latifah’s TV reboot is the first time the character has been played by a woman.

“When it was first presented to me I was like, ‘Well what?’ because, you know, Denzel has the movie. I watched the original. And so it was like, ‘No we’re going to do a TV adaptation of it,’ and I said, ‘Okay. I love this idea!,'” she tells ET Canada’s Roz Weston of the new series. “For a Black woman getting to be the Equalizer. Yes absolutely! We’ve been equalizing a long time. It’s time we see this. You know, it’s time to see this on television.”

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Latifah will star as Robyn McCall, a woman with extensive skills who is called upon when there’s no one else to turn to.

“I think you watch the show, and you see that Robyn McCall is gonna get things done,” she says.

Though Latifah says she hasn’t spoken to Washington about her role, she notes the actor has “supported me my whole career,” as she says fans will find common ground between his big-screen version and her new take.

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“I still think you see the similarity in the idea of justice. In the idea of lessons that you can teach along the way,” she explains. “The cautionary tales. And also, I think, you can see how power can corrupt and how anybody can help.”

“The Equalizer” will premiere on Global following the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.