Regé-Jean Page dropped by the set of “The Graham Norton Show” to discuss his role in the Netflix hit “Bridgerton”.

Host Graham Norton pointed out that when he watched, he was surprised by how little onscreen sex there was at first — until “once you pull the ripcord, it’s non-stop!”

“There’s a bit,” Page quipped with a laugh, adding, “There was a fair bit to be done on the show.”

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Page also revealed that because of the period furniture, there would be a “minder” on the set to ensure the antiques weren’t damaged during the enthusiastic sex scenes. “There’s Fran in the corner, just standing there deciding whether or not to look,” Page recalled. “‘Could you please go easy on the bed? It’s very, very old.’ That’s the inner monologue I had in my head.”

Norton also asked if he’d had an “awkward family conversation” to warn his loved ones about what they were going to be seeing him do onscreen.

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“We’ve got a family WhatsApp group,” he said, explaining that “a couple of cousins missed the memo.”

Page said those relatives told them they’d go to the kitchen to make “tactical cups of tea” whenever one of his sex scenes started, “and when we came back you were still going!”