Sacha Baron Cohen has yet another alter ego, and as always it’s hilarious.

In a new ad campaign for Uber Eats Australia, the British comedian debuts his latest creation, a tennis umpire at the Australian Open.

Described in a voiceover as a umpire “of questionable intentions,” he’s “not bound by rules, regulations or codes. He’s an anomaly in the sporting fraternity. And the Australian Open will never be the same.

Sporting a bushy moustache and blonde wig, Cohen’s ump ignores the game that’s going on and instead scrolls through his phone.

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Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios then pops on the screen, asking, “Do you even know the rules, mate?” .

“Erhm, I’m the umpire,” responds Cohen’s character in a pitch-perfect Aussie accent. “I am the rules… mate.”

The spot concludes with Cohen’s character adding, in voiceover, “I think you’re a bit hangry, mate. Want some dumplings?”

In an interview with the Herald Sun, via the Daily Mail, Kyrgios shared the experience of filming the commercial.

“I’ve been a massive fan of Sacha from his Ali G days all the way through to now,” he said.

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“I have pure respect for him and went on set knowing he was hilarious, but I was still surprised by how sharp he was with his freestyle comedy,” Kyrgios added. “Sacha’s Aussie accent and rogue antics really threw me off my game.”

According to the Herald Sun, Cohen — who wrote and directed the commercial — shots some others with Kyrgios; in one, he reportedly penalizes him for violations he made up on the spot, including “unnecessary sweat, unfair use of antiperspirants, over-bouncing the ball, insufficient grunting, hairstyle and eye-rolling.”