Kylie Minogue is setting the record straight.

Fans were left wondering if the “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” singer was engaged to Paul Solomons after Billie Piper shared an essay with Elle U.K.

Piper looked back at how Solomons saved her in 1996 after “days of Diet Cokes and Marlboro Lights.”

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She added, “My PR rang through to my hospital bed to fill in some blanks — I’d been carried out of the club by a man, apparently. A hero or a pest? I wondered. It’s always hard to tell. (Later, I’d find out his name is Paul, like my dad. He’s Welsh, works at GQ and will, in time, become a dear friend, a blinding success and Kylie Minogue’s fiancé. Hero, not pest. Kylie knows.)”

Solomons’ mom, Gloria, even told the Daily Mail she was “thrilled” to learn the news.

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But the Minogue later cleared things up on Twitter.

“Lovers…” Minogue wrote. “We ALL love LOVE but rumours are getting out of hand! Paul is ❤️ We are 🥰 but not 💍. You are all 👏🏻 and we ❤️ you.”

Minogue and Solomons have been dating since 2018.