Billie Lourd is sharing more details about her first pregnancy.

The “Scream Queens” actress and scion of the late icon Carrie Fisher and Hollywood mega-agent Brian Lourd took questions on her Instagram story from fans who wanted to know more about the three trimesters she kept completely under wraps until her son, Kingston, was born.

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When asked what she craved most while carrying Kingston, Lourd responded with a photo of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream.

“Ice cream!!!” she captioned the photo. “But then I had a lil gestational diabetes scare so then it was beets?!?!” She added, “Random I know but that’s pregnancy vibes for ya!!!!!!”

Billie Lourd/Instagram
Billie Lourd/Instagram — Billie Lourd/Instagram

According to the Mayo Clinic, gestational diabetes, “like other types of diabetes […] affects how your cells use sugar (glucose).” Gestational diabetes leads to high blood sugar that can affect the pregnancy and the baby’s health. Blood sugar levels usually return to normal after delivery for most women. But, in the long term, women who have had this illness are at a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Thankfully baby Kingston had a safe delivery and both him and mom Billie are perfectly healthy.

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Lourd also said that her first trimester was her worst because of “hormones !!!” She continued, “you get through it and it’s beyond worth every second of weird moods / acne / all that fun jazz when your little human arrives!!!!!!”

Lourd added that her second and third trimesters were her favourites, especially the third because she got to meet her little baby.