Yesterday’s announcement that Scarlett Johannson is getting married to Romain Dauriac raised the inevitable question, “Romain Who?”;

Unlike Scarlett’s former beau Ryan Reynolds, Romain Dauriac is not a big name movie star. He’s also not a musician, director, or model. So who is he?

Here’s what we’ve managed to piece together so far…

1. He knows a thing or two about underground French art.

Dauriac used to be the editor of Clark, a French magazine devoted to underground art. But those days are behind him. He’s currently a manager at a creative agency.

2. He likes tattoos.

According to some reports, Johansson and Dauriac were introduced to each other through their tattoo artist, Fuzi. (The “Lucky You”; horseshoe tattoo on Johansson rib was apparently Fuzi’s work).

3. He’s not exactly the world’s most prolific Twitter user.

Although Dauriac has a Twitter account, he hasn’t Tweeted in three years. Most of his Tweets from three years ago are related to his work at Clark magazine, although a few aren’t. For instance, Dauriac considers Slick Rick to be the best rapper ever, and David LaChapelle to be the most disgusting photographer ever.

4. He’s a fan of Art Deco.

Or at least Art Deco rings. Here’s the engagement ring he bought for Johannson.

5. He looks almost exactly like Ricky Martin.

Just saying.