Matthew McConaughey Feels A Little Flat In Doritos Super Bowl Ad

Matthew McConaughey is back in a Super Bowl commercial but he’s feeling a little deflated.

In a spot for Doritos’ new chip, 3D Crunch, McConaughey confesses, “Lately I just having been feeling quite like myself.” This of course makes sense given that he appears as a two-dimensional shadow of his former self.

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The rest of the commercial shows McConaughey struggling with 2D life — he’s knocked down by a football pass, ignored at a coffee shop, almost blown away by the wind and almost eaten by his robot vacuum.

He can’t even catch a break from his celebrity friends. When going on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show alongside Mindy Kaling, Kimmel quips, “Did you drive here, or did you arrive by fax?”

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Thankfully, Flat Matthew’s finds the solution he needs when he comes across a vending machine of Doritos 3D Crunch. His 2D form helps him wiggle his way into the vending machine, but, once a bite of Doritos 3D restores him to his natural state, he’s stuck. Hopefully, his dog sends for help.

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