Robert Downey Jr. chatted to Stephen Colbert on Sunday’s post-Super Bowl edition of Global’s “The Late Show”.

The actor spoke openly about going through tough times and how he could relate to his Marvel character when he made his big comeback.

He told Colbert, “I can relate to Tony Stark a lot by the time I played him… a guy who needed to really be handed a dose of ouch.”

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Downey Jr. also said, “I was fortunate that I was pre-internet with much of my misbehaviour,” adding, however, that he “always wanted to do the right thing.”

The star shared of going through the build up, the breakdown and then the comeback, “In a way it is the heroes journey.”

Downey Jr. said of playing Iron Man for over a decade, “The greatest thing for me… I got to experience it by playing it. It was just unforgettable.”

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He spoke to Colbert about the audience also growing up with the actors throughout all the movies over a 10-year period.

Downey Jr. then discussed saving the world in real life and his plans for The Footprint Coalition during the interview.

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