Chrissy Teigen discusses the heartbreaking loss of her baby boy Jack on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

The star, whose due date would have been around this time, lost her and John Legend’s unborn child at 20 weeks in September, with them both taking to social media at the time to share powerful photographs and messages.

Teigen tells DeGeneres, “Even looking at the pictures now it seems like so long ago, and also everything was such a blur.

“I’m still in therapy and still coming to terms with it, I go through my closet and see outfits, maternity clothes, and things that I bought for my eighth month and my ninth month,” she adds.

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Teigen goes on, “It’s hard because he would’ve been born this week… you look at those things and you have these constant reminders.

“[Loss] can be a beautiful thing, it was a transformative thing for me and in a way he really saved me because I don’t think that I would’ve discovered therapy and sobriety and this path of feeling good about myself and feeling like a new person.

“Of course, you don’t ever imagine it happening to you, that was what the crazy part was for me, I was like, ‘I hear these stories about other people, this doesn’t happen to me.’ So when it does, you’re just so shocked.”

Teigen continues to say how much “support from everybody” she’s had, telling the host: “You really don’t know the meaning of the word ‘unimaginable’ until something like that happens to you.”

Teigen also reveals how a trip to CVS resulted in a lost tooth, and the reason she started horseback riding.

Plus, Teigen and her mom Pepper blindly sell a jockstrap in a hysterical game of “Pitch Please”:

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