The Britney Spears documentary “Framing Britney” aired on Saturday, which looked at the way the “Toxic” singer was treated and her conservatorship.

Since the doc premiered, fans and celebrities have called for better treatment of the star, including an apology from Diane Sawyer over her 2003 interview.

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The co-hosts of “The Talk” discussed the documentary during Monday’s episode.

Amanda Kloots said, “I watched this the other night, and I was shocked. I don’t think the interviews that you see on this documentary would even be allowed today…I think Diane Sawyer does owe her an apology; I think the whole world owes her an apology, the paparazzi owe her an apology…it’s heartbreaking to see what this poor girl went through.”

Sharon Osbourne agreed, adding, “She has always seemed very young to me anyway, but there she was a baby; she was just a little girl. And it’s like, it doesn’t seem appropriate to talk to a little girl with that tone.”

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“I think there is no excuse for badgering a teenage girl about her love life on national television like that, and that a woman did that, and that is, was acceptable,” Elaine Welteroth said. “And it just makes you reflect on how toxic our celebrity culture was, and probably still is.”

Since airing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and more have shown their support for Spears:

“Framing Britney” is now on Hulu.

“The Talk” airs weekdays on Global at 2 p.m. ET.