David Dobrik made his return to YouTube and splashed out with a big reveal.

The vlogger, 24, surprised his friends by unveiling his new $12 mil CAD home complete with movie theatre, pool, basketball court and gourmet kitchen.

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Dobrik announced last year that he wouldn’t be making videos as the pandemic made it hard to record in the style he was known for.

“This is a house you can afford after you quit vlogging, what would you afford if you keep vlogging? F**king Puerto Rico,” one friend asked.

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Other features included a game room, Iron Man suit and Dobrik’s “favourite part”– a water fountain from “Mr. Deeds” that sprays fruit punch instead of water.

But the biggest reveal of all was an in-house podcast and video studio where Dobrik and Jason Nash will record their “Views” podcast and new video content.

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