“American Idol” just got a taste of social media celebrity.

This week saw the release of a new teaser for the upcoming season of the reality competition series, premiering Sunday, Feb. 14.

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In the clip, 16-year-old TikTok star Claudia Conway, the daughter of Donald Trump administration official Kellyanne Conway, auditions for a chance at a golden ticket.

“I’m very nervous, but very excited,” Claudia says in the clip. “I’m Claudia Conway, my parents are high-profile political figures.”

Perry tells her in the teaser, “We want an American Idol.”

It was first revealed that Claudia had auditioned for the show back in November.

Claudia later shared she is “not happy” with her audition.

“Disclaimer that I am not happy w my idol audition,” she shared on TikTok. “I was so nervous and sick so im just giving everyone a little heads up ok.”

@claudiamconway♬ stupid horse – 100 gecs & Laura Les & Dylan Brady

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Claudia has recently been taking a break from social media after her mother allegedly shared a topless picture of her on Twitter. Claudia has since said she does not believe it was intentional.

“We fight like mothers and daughters but we love like mothers and daughters,” Claudia said. “Please stop sending hate to my family… I’m okay. We are okay.”

TMZ reported that law enforcement is currently investigating the incident.