Mila Kunis discusses her and Ashton Kutcher’s Cheetos Super Bowl commercial during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

The actress, who has been promoting her new movie “Breaking News in Yuba County”, tells DeGeneres how she and Kutcher both decided to do the ad because it gave them a break from their kids and being in the house.

However, Kutcher wasn’t aware he’d be required to sing.

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Kunis, who shares daughter Wyatt, 6, and son Dimitri, 4, with Kutcher, says, when they got the offer, “It was in the peak of the pandemic, it made no sense logically. We are so quarantined as you know, but I was also dying to get out of the house.

“I was like, ‘I don’t care, I need to get out of this house,’ and so I looked at it as a two-day vacation. I was like, ‘We’re getting out, we’re going to go shoot this thing and we’re getting away from our children.'”

She adds that while it was “uncomfortable” and “bizarre” shooting during a pandemic, “I got two days off from my kids, I’m a horrible mom.”

Plus, Kunis raises $10,000 for Frontline Hero Fund while playing “Wheel of Hidden Secrets”, courtesy of Shutterfly, and hilariously reveals what she’s wearing on her bottom half, among other secrets.