“Bling Empire”‘s big villain is getting candid.

This week, reality star Andrew Gray appears on the “Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast to talk about the Netflix hit.

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Asked if he knew anybody in the show’s cast prior to filming, Gray says, “No … I knew Kane. I knew Kane well because he was there since the beginning, but this is an assembled cast. We casted everybody. We went through, like, I want to be modest and say five rounds of casting. But I think it’s eight rounds to get this group of people.”

He also reveals that he knew right from the start that he would be cast as the show’s bad guy.

“From Day 1 I knew I was gonna be the villain. From Day 1,” he says. “And I’m okay with it. Because number 1, without excusing behaviour, I realize I still have more work to do in therapy. At the same time, I’m the only non-Asian on the show, with no friends and no family backing. There’s no support.”

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Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray. Photo: Netflix
Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray. Photo: Netflix

Talking about his messy relationship with co-star Kelly, he says, “Kelly and I’s relationship was turbulent because we were both coming from two different places. Suppressed anger, no showing emotion, no tears, no crying, no nothing. Happy, sad, all the same. Passionate, manic, Latin-Native American Indian trauma, rage, anger. It was, but we had a lot of love. There was a lot of amazing sparks. I would say 98 per cent of what we filmed in our life is amazing. Amazingness. So yeah, I knew that it was kind of going to go that way.”