Rosario Dawson needs time for self-care like anyone else.

The star of “The Mandalorian” is on the latest cover of Health magazine and in it she discusses a host of subjects, including her move to be closer to her family and boyfriend Cory Booker.

“Being able to be home has been a silver lining. One of the major things that I did was move back East. I’ve been bicoastal for more than 15 years. I’m in a long-distance relationship, and suddenly not being able to travel made that difficult,” she says. “So I literally drove a bus with my dad across the country to move. He’s a cancer survivor and felt vulnerable and didn’t want to fly, which is why I drove a 29-foot bus across the country.”

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Dawson also talks about her relationship with her adopted daughter, saying, “I’m grateful for her development, our maturation, and our connection. She moved in [with me] at 11; she’s 17 now and going to be 18 soon. To have a young person move in with you and to have to really consciously work through triggers and that kind of stuff is a really different thing than being pregnant and having your baby grow up in front of you—to be able to see how we’re getting closer and closer. We are a family, and it’s beautiful.”

The actress explains how her own childhood experience prepared her for being the mother to an adopted child

“So, around the age of five, I found out my dad wasn’t my biological father. That was super shocking to me. I’m Daddy’s little girl. I don’t know my biological father. Apparently, he died in 2011, but I didn’t have a relationship with him,” Dawson says. “At five, it was a lot to take in, and I recall thinking, What if my parents hadn’t met, and I was older, and no one wanted to marry my mom because she had an older kid? I remember vividly back then saying that when I was older I was going to adopt an older child. With my daughter, I didn’t go to an adoption centre or anything like that. My family knew her biological mom, and when we found out she was in foster care, we looked for her. It wasn’t even a question; it was clearly meant to be—she’s my kid. It’s wild to think I manifested this when I was younger.”

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Talking about “The Mandalorian” and the upcoming spinoff series about her character, Dawson says, “Talk about my dream come true. The Star Wars universe is big, and it’s whimsical, and it’s all these great magical, incredible things. But at the heart, it’s also about family, redemption, and seeking out the light. I love that about being a Jedi. It’s not like you become a Jedi and that’s it for life. You can still go to the Dark Side—you have to choose the light every single day. You have to be steadfast in your values and in your purpose so as not to be corrupted.”

Finally, talking about self-care and going to therapy, Dawson says, “I have had it [therapy] in my life, but it hasn’t been specific to me and my personal needs. I read my self-help books, and I’ve done weekend programs and [things] like that. I’ve tried to do these major download moments, and then I just go back to my life, but I’ve realized that it’s got to be more than just focusing on self-help for a moment. It needs to be a deeper practice. So that’s something I’m going to work on—getting a therapist.

“I’m grateful that I’ve travelled so much and worked so hard. But my priorities have shifted, and I’ve realized I need to slow down a bit and be nearer to the people I love most.”