The Tragically Hip’s Rob Baker says the band is in the process of sifting through previously unreleased music to hopefully share with fans of the iconic band someday.

Baker told “The Morning Show” on CKWS that the band, along with its record company, is currently digitizing all of its old recorded performances and tracks that just didn’t make the cut on their releases.

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Every time we went in to make a record, we’d usually put 11 or 12 songs on the record. We’d go in usually with 17 or 18 songs,” he said.

“They’re finished and sometimes they just don’t work out in the body of material, so that stuff just sat on the shelf.”

Baker wouldn’t give an exact timeline for when this album might come to pass, but he said there’s plenty of material to work with.

“I know there were three extra songs on Up to Here, as many as eight songs off Road Apples, three from Fully, Completely, three off Day For Night. (Those records have) extra songs, so we’ll see,” he said.

In the meantime, The Tragically Hip guitarist has a new double LP out called The Undertaking with Strippers Union, his collaboration with The Odds’ Craig Northey.

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He also said he’s working on an autobiography that tells the story of memorable moments and places he visited while touring with The Tragically Hip.

“It’s kind of stories about the fun and laughs in the band through the years, and it’s organized by place rather than time,” he said.

He has also recorded music of his own to accompany the release of the book.

I’ve recorded a bunch of tunes that are just me. I play everything, I sing, engineer, produce,” he said.