Canadian Singer Ryland James Comes Out: ‘Today Is The Day’

Ryland James reveals he’s now out and proud.

In a statement the Canadian singer issued on Twitter on Tuesday, he begins by sharing, “Today is the day. There’s something I’ve held inside for a very long time that wants to come out so badly, and now I think it’s more important than ever that I just own it.”

He continues by declaring, “I’m queer. That’s it. I won’t label myself beyond that as I’ve always been attracted to many different people of different genders throughout my life and feel like no label truly embodies my sexuality fully. I’m just me.”

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James also opens up about being “taught blatant and purposeful homophobia at my religious elementary school, at church, and by other authority figures and peers outside of those settings in everyday life growing up.”

“All I can says is that living in fear of who I was and hiding my true identity definitely broke my heart. But that ends now,” he added.

Following his announcement, James’ fans on Twitter showered him with support.

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