Cinema’s biggest heroes are going to mask up.

The Ad Council recently teamed up with the CDC and WarnerMedia for a new COVID-era PSA encouraging everyone to put on a mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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In the ad, classic characters like the Flash, Harry Potter, Neo from “The Matrix”, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and even Rick and Ilsa from “Casablanca” all have masks digitally placed upon their faces.

And it’s not just the heroes getting in on the message either. Also appearing, fully masked, are villains the Joker, Dr. Evil from “Austin Powers”, Pennywise from “IT” and even Harry Potter’s nemesis Voldemort.

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“We know that face masks continue to be one of the most effective ways we can protect ourselves against the virus, and we’re truly grateful to Warner for lending their talent and iconic films to support this critical message,” Ad Council president and CEO Lisa Sherman said in a statement.