Katherine Heigl did something that not a lot of parents would dare to do over the pandemic: she banned her daughters from using technology.

Heigl, mom to daughters Nancy Leigh, 12, and Adalaide Marie, 8, and son Joshua, 4, told Drew Barrymore during the latest episode of Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” that she’d managed to limit devices until very recently.

“I only caved because Apple now has that feature, the screentime feature, and my girlfriend was recently visiting and she taught me how to use it,” the “Firefly Lane” actress shared. “So, I have ultimate control over the devices.”

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“I feel like, ‘Okay, I can safely do this now.’ They can be safe on there and I can be sure they’re safe. So, they have access to like, books.”

“How did you get through the pandemic?!” Barrymore joked. “Are you a saint?! Are you a martyr?!”

Heigl revealed that her children’s “addiction” began with their love of the online game Roblox.

“They would be in their rooms playing this game together, the two girls, for like six to seven hours,” Heigl explained. “We were pretty lax about it, and then I realized that was wrong and not healthy.”

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“I tried to scale it back, and then it was just this addiction for them, so I kinda had to just completely take devices away,” she went on. “But then as soon as I would turn around, somehow my daughter would find a device and she was doing TikTok videos.”

Heigl also revealed why she prefers to be called “Katie” in her personal life, as well as talking about her new show “Firefly Lane” during the interview.

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