While the conditions are improving for a woman in Hollywood, there is still work to be done.

Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet, and Zendaya gathered for The Hollywood Reporter‘s roundtable, which also included Glenn Close (“Hillbilly Elegy”), Andra Day (“The United States vs. Billie Holiday”), and Vanessa Kirby (“Pieces of a Woman”).

Mulligan, 35, mulled on what actors need — and do not need — to perfect their craft.

“There’s a bit of an idea… that to make something great, people have permission to behave badly, the idea of someone being a creative genius,” Mulligan said. “That they are so inspired, there’s a required level of darkness or unpleasantness that goes along with that, that you need to put up with. And I think people get away with bad behaviour because of those reasons.”

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To that effect, 2017 saw the #MeToo movement explode as names from all corners of Hollywood were accused of sexual misconduct. Winslet, 45, touched on the movement’s impact and what it means for her daughter, Mia Honey Threapleton.

“My daughter is 20, and she just came into the industry about a year and a half ago,” Winslet shared. “And what’s wonderful for me, as her mum, is just watching her have the courage of conviction and self-belief that is just unwavering because she’s entering a time when we’re clearing the s**t away from them, these girls.

“These girls are going to change the world, and they’re going to be strong, and they’re going to be powerful, and they’re going to be f**king amazing. And that is because we’re getting all the bad stuff out of the way for them and all they will know is to use their voice in positive, powerful ways, to lead with compassion, to be strong role models and friends.”

Winslet is optimistic about the future of women in all industries.

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“That, to me, is the biggest thing that has shifted. This is the decade of women championing and supporting other women without judgment,” she asserted. “This is happening right now, and that has come as a result of the mass united swell that has emerged from #MeToo. We’ve all come together, everyone is holding hands and walking in the same direction.”

Zendaya, 24, is the youngest out of Winslet and Mulligan. The multi-faceted entertainer discussed what she has learned about the industry.

“Often you get into it just because you love it, and you just want to be creative, and you just want to do the fun stuff, but it is also a business,” she shared. “There are contracts involved and a lot of things that don’t necessarily contribute to the creativity or contribute to this idea of the freedom you think you’ll have.

“I have been learning that, as I grow up, that there are bigger entities involved… money people. I often encourage young people who do want to do this to read your contracts, be aware, have those conversations, ask as many questions as you can, try to get advice from people, because it’s easy to get stuck in a bad situation.”