Paulina Porizkova is opening up about some of her regrets from her marriage to the late Ric Ocasek.

The model, 55, joined UBS as part of a paid partnership with the bank and admitted those regrets involve some financial obligations.

According to Porizkova the late Cars frontman “eclipsed [her] financial thinking” and she later warned other women not to make “the same mistake.”

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UBS’ Global Wealth Management Paula Polito then asked if she regrets not signing a prenup. Porizkova replied, “Uh, yeah.”

“Now if I had a daughter, any of my goddaughters or granddaughters or any of the young women I know… if there’s one good thing I could do for them is to let them hear my story of how romance eclipsed any financial thinking and what a bad idea that is,” she explained.

Porizkova explained that Ocasek felt that signing a prenup was a “bad omen.” So they didn’t sign one.

“I was stupid,” she later added. “It was incredibly naïve of me.”

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In 2019, Ocasek died suddenly and left her out of his will. He was 75.

Porizkova and Ocasek split a year before his death. They were married since 1989 and had two sons together, Jonathan and Oliver.

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