Drew Barrymore opened Wednesday’s edition of Global‘s “The Drew Barrymore Show” with some big news.

“I’m really thrilled to officially announce that I’m the new face of Garnier Whole Blends!” she declared as confetti fell from the ceiling of her studio.

In order to celebrate her new partnership and celebrate the brand’s new “clean initiative,” Barrymore told viewers that “we thought that we would get a little dirty first, with a new segment we are calling ‘Coming Clean with Garnier Whole Blends’,” she explained.

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In the segment, she gets her hair washed — with Garnier Whole Blends shampoo, of course — while Ross Matthews asks her some provocative questions she described as “pretty crazy.”

“Have you ever like totally got it on in a car?” asked Matthews.

“Ross!” she shrieked before admitting, “Who hasn’t?”

He also asked if she’d ever gone skinny-dipping. “Duh, yeah! I love a good skinny-dip! I love skinny dipping — it’s so fun. Maybe it’s like more of a girl thing,” she replied. “I definitely do that with girlfriends, my daughters, like just off with the clothes and into the water.”

During the questioning, Barrymore also revealed her lighting preferences in the bedroom.

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“So I’m very weird about lighting,” she explained. “I like really, I like natural light from the day or like very soft lights. I’m very lighting-sensitive so, in any scenario.”

“The Drew Barrymore Show” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. ET/PT on Global.