Fans are finally getting to hear Taylor Swift’s new recordings of her old songs.

On Thursday, the singer appeared on “Good Morning America” to announce the release of a re-recorded version of her classic “Love Story” at midnight.

Swift also revealed that she has finished re-recording all the songs on her sophomore album Fearless, with a release forthcoming.

“My version of Fearless will have 26 songs on it because I’ve decided to add songs from the vault, which are songs that almost made the original Fearless album, but I’ve now gone back and recorded those so that everyone will be able to hear not only the songs that made the album, but the songs that almost made it. The full picture,” she said.

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The country-pop star shared the news on her Twitter feed along with the new cover of the album, dubbed “Taylor’s Version”, as well as a statement about the new recording and the six previously unheard tracks to be featured.

While Swift didn’t openly announce the release date for the album, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that spread amid her all small-caps statement were random capital letters, which formed the words, “April Ninth.”

The process of re-recording her old studio albums came after Swift’s original recording masters were bought by music label executive Scooter Braun, and later sold to an investment fund.

The artist has been outspoken against Braun and the music industry for pushing musicians to sign away ownership of their own work.

“I’ve spoken a lot about why I’m remaking my first six albums, but the way I’ve chosen to do this will hopefully help illuminate where I’m coming from,” Swift wrote in her new announcement. “Artists should own their own work for so many reasons, but the most screamingly obvious one is that the artist is the only one who really *knows* that body of work.”

Swift had previously teased her new version of the single “Love Story”, allowing Ryan Reynolds to use the track in an ad created by his company Maximum Effort.


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On Twitter, fans reacted with glee and celebration at the news.