John Oliver is a muppet of a man.

The “Last Week Tonight” host appeared on Global’s “The Late Show” Wednesday, where Stephen Colbert had him take the “Which Muppet Are You?” quiz.

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“You’re f**king kidding me,” Oliver said, reacting to the news that he is, in fact, Miss Piggy. “I do not have the sexual confidence of a Miss Piggy.”

Oliver also talked about his show coming back for an eighth season but he assured some viewers who don’t much care for him that they really don’t need to tune in.

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“If you really hated it,” he said, “Honestly, I wouldn’t give it a second chance.”

He also joked about the show’s Valentine’s Day premiere, saying, “I would recommend it for a last date. I don’t think there is a cleaner way out of a relationship than saying, ‘Let’s sit down and enjoy the romantic stylings of ‘Last Week Tonight’.’”