Joy Behar had a mishap on “The View”.

On Wednesday’s episode of the daytime talk show, the co-hosts were discussing Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez going to couples therapy when Whoopi Goldberg noticed something wrong.

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As Behar was saying her piece and sounding unusually muffled, Goldberg interrupted.

“I have to tell you, I think your mic is in your breasts,” she said. “I think your mic is down in your breasts.”

Behar quickly fumbled to get her microphone out of her shirt as everyone began to laugh at the predicament.

“I could hear you, but it was interesting,” Goldberg remarked.

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Behar then called for her husband to help her out, to which Meghan McCain joked, “Oh my gosh. You should have Steve come fix it. That’s another kind of couples therapy. That’s a special kind of therapy to have Steve get her mic from her boobs. I’m into that.”

“I’ll tell you something: If you can have a husband like mine who would come running to you to pull the thing out of your boobs, you don’t need couples therapy,” Behar laughed.

McCain added, “I’m glad your boobs are okay. I mean. I’ve done therapy for myself … I don’t know, like, Ben and I’s therapy now is him letting me sleep.”