Halle Berry and her best friend of two decades, Lindsay Flores, returned on Thursday for another episode of their IGTV show “Bad And Booshy”.

The BFFs discussed mothergood and pregnancy during the hilarious episode, while enjoying a beverage of course.

Flores told Berry, who is mom to daughter Nahla, 12, and son Maceo, 7, of her perfect pregnancies, “You were the goddess of love and creation floating through the earth, beautiful, glowing earth mama, never in any discomfort, never got fat…”

As the actress responded, “I felt sexy every single day, I was walking around naked.”

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Flores told the camera, “She was, she was naked all the time.”

As the pair continued to joke around, Berry also didn’t notice that her top had come down at one point.

She laughed, “I’m having a Janet Jackson moment!”

The pals also spoke about how painful fashion stylist and creative director Flores’ pregnancy was compared to Berry’s.

Other episodes have seen Berry and Flores talk about NSFW topics, as well as sharing some insight into their dating lives.