“Palm Springs” and “How I Met Your Mother” star Cristin Milioti teams up with PETA to promote animal adoption.

Milioti and her beloved dog, Rupert, star in a Valentine’s Day-themed video advocating for adoption over purchasing from breeders. The adorable couple goes on a Valentine’s Day date to discuss all the dos and don’ts of pet adoption.

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“Never make a major decision because of s**t you see on the Internet!” Milioti says of breeds you see on Instagram. What about fast-tracking the dog-acquiring process? “If you don’t have the stamina to go through an adoption application and answer some simple questions, then you might not have the patience to care for a living, breathing animal.”

“[E]very spot taken up by a purchased dog means less space for dogs like Rupert,” Milioti explains. “And we should live in a world where all the Ruperts out there can find loving homes!”

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Milioti also promoted the pet-finding “life hack called Petfinder.com… it has as many filters as Tinder,” she says, “but these pups won’t ghost you at an Olive Garden.”

The actress joins a roster that includes John Stamos, Emma Kenney, Tom Hardy and others teaming up with PETA in promoting animal adoption.