Kevin James really put his heat tolerance to the test.

The star of “The Crew” appeared on the latest episode of the First We Feast web series “Hot Ones”, answering questions about his life and career all while eating hotter and hotter wings.

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“If anyone was built to succeed on this show, you’d think I’d be it,” James remarked, before the eating started. “I am to a certain point, but then I’m not. I’m worried about the wheels coming off, but we’re gonna get through it together.”

After putting on a latex glove, James kicked things off with the lowest spice level, which he handled with zero problem.

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As things went on, though, the heat did start coming and the involuntary tears started flowing.

“I don’t even know who I am right now,” he said after taking a bite out of a wing slathered in some of the hottest sauce on offer. “That changed everything.”