Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, has lost his bid to solely control the singer’s investments.

The decision was all part of Britney’s petition with the court last year to remove her dad as sole conservator and replace him with a financial institution.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny did deny Britney’s request at the time but added Bessemer Trust as a co-conservator.

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On Thursday, Jamie’s attorney raised objections on how a co-conservator would work, including asking that Jamie have the power to delegate investment powers. A judge denied the objection.

According to NBC News, Jamie and Bessemer Trust will now work on a new budget and investment proposal for the “Toxic” singer’s estate.

“It’s no secret that my client does not want her father as co-conservator, but we recognize that removal is a separate issue,” Britney’s legal team said during the more recent court appearance. They also suggested that they may revisit the request to remove Jamie after previously being denied.

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Another conservatorship hearing will take place on March 17 and April 27.

Jamie has been Britney’s conservator for 12 years, which was recently examined in the New York Times Hulu documentary “Framing Britney”. For more on the documentary and the #FreeBritney movement, check out the video below: