Fans Notice Normani Is Missing From Dua Lipa’s ‘If It Ain’t Me’

Speculation is brewing over Dua Lipa’s new track.

Lipa just released her album Future Nostalgia: Moonlight Edition, that included the song “If It Ain’t Me”. However, fans were quick to notice that the song did not include Normani, as the version that surfaced online months ago did.

Fans were disappointed at the slowed down version, missing the “Motivation” singer.

Lipa stopped by Zane Lowe’s “New Music Daily” on Apple Music. While she didn’t discuss Normani, she did talk about her new song “We’re Good”.

Lipa explained the song and how it is about an “amicable breakup.”

“I think the content of the song is really interesting. It’s having that amicable breakup that I think everybody kind of wants. It’s like that clean break isn’t lacking, move on. We’re good,” she said. “You can’t be upset if I move on. I can’t be upset if you move on. You know what I mean? And I think a lot of the time it’s that part of a breakup that – It gets lost in translation. Yeah. When things are ego-driven, that’s immediately when it’s over, but yeah, just the amicable breakup.”

Elsewhere in the article, Lipa spoke of making sure there isn’t “too much ego attached to songs” and being open working with a variety of people.

Adding, “all my songs are a massive collaborative effort with all the artists and songwriters and producers that I work with. And I think it’s also acknowledging that because I think a lot of artists also sometimes get caught up in the fact that it’s me, me, me, and then it takes away from the beauty of everything coming together and the reason why it is the way it is.”

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