Taylor Swift Talks Keeping ‘Cool Surprises’ While Recording Her Music

Taylor Swift is opening up about re-recording her masters.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music back in 2020, Swift teased some surprises for her fans.

Swift spoke about recording Fearless at the same time as her evermore sessions.

“I had shot a music video for ‘willow’, but I was still writing and I was still recording. So there would be days where I’d be recording ‘You Belong With Me’ and then I’d be recording a song like ‘Happiness’, which is on evermore. And it made me feel really proud of sort of the scope of things,” the singer said.

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Swift also said how re-recording Fearless makes her “feel really close to those songs again.”

“It also reminds me that obviously, I want to keep a lot of cool surprises for the fans until I’m ready to show them fully to everyone,” Swift said.

Adding, “But the reason that I feel so passionately that artists should own their catalogues is because if you are the creator of all of this music, you’re the only one who actually knows the ins and the outs of it. You’re the only one who knows what almost was written. You’re the only one who knows the kind of secrets of the journey of making this music. So you’re actually the only one who has the ability to share it with the fans in the way that can make everyone the happiest and the most excited.”

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The award-winning singer expressed her support for young artists and her want to “make things better” for them.

“Artists should never have to part with their work. They should own it from day one, but they should license it back to the label so that the label can make back their money over a certain amount of time,” Swift concluded.

Swift’s Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will be released in April and “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” on Feb. 12.

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