Kate Winslet Hid In The Trunk Of A Car As Impromptu ‘Intimacy Coordinator’ For Young Co-Star’s Sex Scene

Kate Winslet revealed she’s got the back of the young actress who plays her daughter in upcoming HBO series “Mare of Easttown”.

In an interview with the “How I Found My Voice” (via the Daily Mail), the “Titanic” star revealed that she proved to be a lifeline to 20-year-old actress Angourie Rice, who plays the daughter of her character.

According to Winslet, Rice was slated to shoot a sex scene for the series; because she and the other actor involved were fully clothed in the scene, producers felt there was no need for an intimacy coordinator, a relatively new role on film and TV sets in which a trained expert helps the actors in sex scenes through the often-fraught process.

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“Because there were no clothes that come off in the scene they didn’t consider bringing in an intimacy coordinator,” Winslet explained.

“And I just got the sense that she was nervous. So I said to her, ‘I’m going to be around for this, I’m going to stay, I won’t leave the set,'” she continued.

“She said: ‘Thank God Kate, thank you so much.’ And I ended up being in the car. I ended up being in the boot of the car.”

As Winslet recalled, “I knew it would make them feel better to have that one person who would be able to put their hand up and say: ‘Actually we need to cut now, is everyone feeling okay?’ Sometimes even directors don’t feel comfortable communicating with actors about intimate scenes, even if it’s just kissing.”

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As Winslet noted, intimacy coordinators have only recently started “slightly becoming a thing, they weren’t a legal requirement on film sets,” although in retrospect she now wishes that they had been when she was younger.

“I definitely wish I had them in the past, I definitely do. I just could have done with that friend really,” she added. “Just having a friend to say, “can you ask him just to not put his hands there?” So it’s not you having to say, which can be pretty awkward.’


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