Hugh Jackman is paying tribute to a very special customer of one of his New York City coffee shops.

In a video he shared Thursday on Instagram, the “Greatest Showman” star shared a video shot in one of his two NYC Laughing Man coffee shops, featuring an ER nurse named Alina.

In the video — recorded by Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness — Jackman is presenting the nurse with a loaf of sourdough bread, a bag of his Laughing Man coffee and other goodies.

“Alina is an Emergency Room Nurse at Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn (about as frontline as you can get),” Jackman writes in the caption.

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“While there are many examples of her dedication throughout this pandemic, I’ll just name a few. When the pandemic began, she was in her final semester of her nurse practitioner program- she was working overtime, studying for finals, and being an amazing wife and mother to our 2 year old, Gemma. Now, she is 6 months pregnant; last Monday during the snowstorm, she worked all day Monday, then volunteered to work overnight (many nurses couldn’t make it in). So, she worked 24 hrs, and was given 4 hrs sleep, on a cot… 6 months pregnant,” he added.

“The most amazing thing, and why I think she is so deserving, is she never complains… she’s the hardest working nurse in NY. She’s also eating for 2 and would absolutely love your 🍞 … I’m sure of it. Alina’s husband – Aaron,” he concluded.