Blake Shelton Doesn’t See The Point In Starting To Lose Weight For Wedding To Gwen Stefani Until Date Is Set

Blake Shelton made a virtual appearance on Friday’s edition of “The Late Show”, and host Stephen Colbert asked him about his weight-loss progress in preparation for his eventual wedding to fiancée Gwen Stefani, referencing Shelton’s recent admission during an interview on Luke Bryan’s Apple Music radio show that he wants to shed 10 pounds before the nuptials.

“I feel like if you say something like that on a public forum then you have obligated yourself to make sure that it gets done,” Shelton told host Stephen Colbert.

However, Shelton also admitted he’s in no hurry to get started on that weight-loss regime.

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“It’s out there now and I don’t want to disappoint my friends and family — they’ve heard me say this,” Shelton explained. “They’re hearing me say it on your show right now that I am going to lose weight for the wedding, but we don’t know when that’s going to be so why should I start?”

The couple’s inability to set a wedding date, he explained, is due to uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

“The truth is we want to be able to have obviously her parents there, my parents, our families and until that can happen, we can’t even make a plan,” he told Colbert.

During Shelton’s appearance on Bryan’s “Party Barn Radio”, he declared, “I feel like if I say 10, I have to do it. So, 10. It’s out there now, I can’t let people down,” Shelton said. “I’ve readjusted all the mirrors in the house. So they look like you when you’re taking a selfie from up above because you can’t even stand and look at myself in the mirror.”

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He added: “I’ve rearranged them or they’re kind of angled down, looking down at me. So I’m looking up and it’s not so bad.”

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