“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn is clarifying some news after someone else with the same name recently died.

“James Gunn Dies: Prolific Science Fiction Author And Editor Was 97,” a tweet read, even though the author did die a few months ago.

Apparently, many people only read the first half of the tweet and went into panic mode that it was the other Gunn.

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“For the record, I’ve gotten dozens of messages from close friends & relatives who read this headline quickly & freaked out. I am alive. Different James Gunn – may he Rest in Peace. (But, @DEADLINE, you might have considered wording this differently),” Gunn tweeted.

Most people agreed with Gunn that the tweet was confusing, while one person said, “It bet it’s really weird to get a text that reads, ‘Hey man, are you dead?'”

“No one is writing asking me if I’m dead. But I am getting sent the text with ‘my heart stopped beating for a few seconds’ from dozens of folks, including my three best friends,” Gunn added.

While responded to another person, Gunn said, “Imagine getting these texts from your sibling: ‘Mom just died.’ ‘That’s the new play at the Ahmanson. Let’s check it out!'”

It wasn’t the first time the name has confused people, as one person revealed, “I purchased a book of his once thinking it was you.”

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The director admitted, “I’ve been asked to sign them at conventions. Here’s how the convo often goes: ‘Um that’s not me.’ ‘Oh. Well. Can you sign it anyway?’ (I decline).”