Halle Berry is stripping down with her beau this Valentine’s Day.

The “Catwoman” star showed off her curves in nothing but a pair of underpants and she danced with her back to the camera, next to boyfriend Van Hunt.

In the cute clip, Berry bumped hips with Hunt, while his song “Being a Girl” played.

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Berry recently spoke about getting down to her birthday suit while chatting with her friend, Lindsay Flores, on their IGTV show “Bad And Booshy”.

“You were the goddess of love and creation floating through the earth, beautiful, glowing earth mama, never in any discomfort, never got fat…” Flores said of Berry’s two pregnancies.

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The actress responded, “I felt sexy every single day, I was walking around naked.”

Flores then told the camera, “She was, she was naked all the time.”

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