Kat Dennings: Fox Queen.

While animal adoptions have no doubt seen a spike since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kat Dennings almost opted for a rather unusual pet to keep her company during lockdowns and quarantines.

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The “WandaVision” actress spoke with Ellen DeGeneres for a segment on her show airing Monday, February 15, about her desire for an additional pet. Dennings explained she already has one “genius” cat, Millie, and wants another feline friend. However, Dennings worries that either Millie, 8, wouldn’t get along with the newbie or that the pair would form such a strong bond they would ignore her altogether. That line of thought led Kat to think that maybe she should adopt a rescue fox.

Dennings also spoke to Ellen about a toaster mishap that arose out of a desperate desire for a warm cookie, and what it was like reprising the role of Darcy Lewis eight years after appearing in the first “Thor” movie.

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Plus, since Kat always tweets what’s on her mind, Ellen quizzes the actress on whether she remembers what she’s posted over the years in a game called, “Did Kat Tweet That?”