The photographer behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s viral second pregnancy announcement, Misan Harriman, spoke about the photo on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America”.

Harriman created the beautiful image from the U.K., while Harry and Meghan were in the U.S.

He shared, “In the age of COVID it is impossible for me to be there to shoot it so technology came to the rescue and I was able to remotely take over the iPad and they could hear my voice and it was conversational and the rest really is history.”

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Harriman added of the pic, “You can feel, you don’t even see the image, you feel it. They are lost in each other and the tree in the background and life growing around them is incredibly powerful and symbolic.”

As Robin Roberts then mentioned how Meghan’s miscarriage last year made the photo even more poignant, Harriman replied: “Absolutely. Such unimaginable loss, I think this picture from my point of view represents fortitude, hope, and love.

“And particularly for the many women who go through this, this should give them strength to know that there is light in that dark place. It really means a lot.”

Harriman then discussed being at the royal wedding back in May 2018 and the love the couple possess for each other.

“I think the universe would’ve conspired for them to be together no matter what and it is the real deal and they are waltzing through life together as it should be and to have a new arrival coming is a testament to the power of the relationship that they have.”