Novak Djokovic’s frustration got the better of him at the 2021 Australian Open, and the producers covered every imaginable angle of it.

Serbia’s Djokovic, the world’s top player, fumbled on a play vs. Germany’s Alexander Zverev, on Day 9 of the Open in Melbourne on Tuesday. Djokovic responded to the mishap by bashing his tennis racket against the court’s surface, mangling the racket.

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The event’s producers used multiple camera angles to their advantage, replaying the footage countless times from different perspectives. Djokovic retrieved a new racket while someone cleaned up the chips of the racket off the floor. He ultimately won the game and will advance to Wednesday’s semifinals.

Djokovic was previously disqualified from last year’s U.S. Open after hitting a tennis ball off the court, which accidentally struck a line judge in the throat.