Emma Stone is a punk rock fashion queen in the first trailer for “Cruella”, which Disney dropped on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old actress plays the iconic “101 Dalmatians” villain in the highly anticipated film, which is a live-action prequel that follows a young Cruella de Vil as a designer who becomes obsessed with dogs’ skins.

In the trailer, Stone’s Cruella appears as a maid who transforms herself into a formidable fashion talent with a sinister edge.

“From the very beginning I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else,” she says. “That didn’t sit well with some people. But I wasn’t for everyone. I guess they were always scared that I’d be… a psycho.”

On the film’s poster, Stone also rocks an ’80s look, wearing dark lipstick and smoky eye makeup consistent with the vibe she had in the first look at the film, which Disney released in August 2019 at D23.

“Cruella”‘s first trailer drops on Wednesday, and the film is scheduled to be released on May 28.

At D23 in 2019, attendees were treated to a video of Stone and her co-star, Emma Thompson, who were in the UK at the time filming. Stone said “Cruella” will take audiences back to the villain’s earliest days of flouting the law.

“It’s 1970s, set in London — can you get out of my eyeliner please?” Stone teased in the clip. “It’s punk rock. A great cast.”

In October of that year, she talked to ET about playing a younger version of the notorious character.

“It’s pretty trippy. It’s wild,” Stone said, adding that she often found herself on set thinking, “‘This is bananas.'”

As for her inspiration, the Oscar-winning actress said she is looking both to Glenn Close — who portrayed Cruella in Disney’s beloved live-action adaptation of “101 Dalmatians” in 1996 and also serves as an executive producer on “Cruella” — as well as the original 1961 animated classic “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.”

I think she’s obviously the GOAT,” Stone said of Close, “but I also have just loved the cartoon for a really long time.”

“This comes before [Close’s] story,” she added of her own upcoming take on Cruella’s younger years. “This leads to her to where she becomes true greatness.”

Watch the video below for more.

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