‘Coach Conversations’ On Black Creatives: Michael B. Jordan Says ‘I’m A Reflection Of Those That Came Before Me’

Michael B. Jordan is celebrating Black History Month with a special episode of Coach’s monthly web series “Coach Conversations”.

Joined by Grammy-nominated rapper Cordae and hosted by Editor-In-Chief of The Cut, Lindsay Peoples Wagner, the actor, 34, who is the face of the fashion brand’s latest campaign, discuss the experience of Black creatives in the entertainment industry.

“I am a reflection of those that came before me, and I stand on the shoulders of those that have lifted me up,” Jordan said in the new episode. “I feel it’s only right to give back to the community that gave so much to me and passing the torch to the next generation is part of that.”

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Cordae added, “The original purpose of hip-hop was to give voice to the voiceless… to me, it’s always important to remember that I’m carrying on that lineage through my music — and always to keep in mind how important this is for inspiring the next generation and laying a path.”

On the Black Lives Matter movement, Jordan says, “This particular time everything was sitting still. It was at a time when there weren’t as many distractions. It was in solidarity. People didn’t have any excuses for choosing not to see or not to pay attention.”

He added, “It weighed on me more than it has in the past. And being in a place where I could use my platform and call on my partner across the industry.”

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According to Jordan, he and Cordae have been relying on each other for support throughout their careers. They were introduced to one another by Jordan’s “Just Mercy” co-star, Jamie Foxx.

“We just started hanging out a bit… he inspires me so much,” Jordan said of Cordae. “He’s doing the exact same thing I’m doing but in a different genre. But it’s all universal.”

Cordae adds, “You feel like my big brother.”

Coach debuts a new episode of “Coach Conversations” every month to celebrate International Women’s Day, Earth Day, Pride and others.

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