Gabbi Tuft And Wife Priscilla Get Candid About Sex After The WWE Star Came Out As A Transgender Woman

WARNING: This content is NSFW, read at your own discretion.


Gabbi Tuft and her wife Priscilla are getting candid about their sex lives.

While the WWE star came out as a transgender woman earlier this month, Gabbi and Priscilla recorded a podcast episode titled “Is G Gay” in November of 2020.

In the episode, Gabbi, who sometimes refers to herself as her birth name, Gabe, and Pricilla discussed whether Gabbi is “attracted to men or women now that she is transitioning,” as well as what sex looks like for them now.

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“Well, Gabe wants to be a woman, he’s transitioning, obviously he wants to touch penis and see what penis is about and touch other penises,” Gabbi said. “In my head I’m like, ‘No, actually not right now, that’s not even the closest thing on my mind. There’s nothing to do with other men on my mind.'”

“We usually have sex pretty much every day and it’s amazing. That’s probably, I made him wait until we were married, but once we were married, no holds barred,” Priscilla added. “This has been challenging for me. It’s something we enjoy, it’s like an art form for us.”

Before Gabbi came out publicly, she presented as both male and female. But once she started to present as female, Priscilla admits it was hard to get intimate with Gabbi.

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“It has been not something that I’m able to do to feel the desire to be sexually intimate with a woman. It’s just … I feel so guilty to say it, because I still see you as my person,” Priscilla explained. “The energy has shifted, it’s so definitive, there’s no denying. The thought of making love to a female just isn’t my thing. I can’t really put my finger on it.”

Priscilla later added that while sex was “on pause” for them at the moment, the love between them has only “grown.”

“We understand things are going to change, we don’t know how they’re going to change, but we know we’re desperately intertwined for life,” Priscilla continued. “Whether that looks like marriage, awesome, whether that looks like roommates, neighbours, we don’t know, but we know that we are lifers, we know that we adore each other, we will always be twin flames, we love each other.”

Gabbi and Priscilla wed in 2002 and welcomed daughter Mia in 2011.

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