Viewers of “This Is Us” experienced triple the emotion in the Feb. 16 episode when the Pearson family welcomed not one new member of the family but three.

In the episode, titled “In the Room”, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) welcomed second child Hailey Rose, while her brother Kevin (Justin Hartley) and fiancée Madison (Caitlin Thompson) became the parents of twins.

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“This is one of the most satisfying episodes we’ve done and I know it’s one of [series creator] Dan [Fogelman’s] favourites,” the episode’s director Ken Olin told People.

As Olin explained, the challenge of giving birth in a pandemic was mirrored in the challenges related to producing a TV drama during those same circumstances.

“From a production point of view, it’s really challenging. There’s a lot of things in place to keep people safe, it’s been a top priority of the show to keep the cast and crew protected. We’ve been incredibly successful by being incredibly vigilant about the PPE and safe distancing in terms of shooting and it becomes that much more challenging when you’re dealing with babies. Figuring out how we’re going to do all of that and not lose the emotional immediacy of having a birth, that was challenging.”

Olin also credited the show’s writers for their creativity in responding to those pandemic-related obstacles.

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“Once the decision to move forward with the fundamental characteristics of this story, which is these people having babies and at the same time, was made, they have been incredibly responsible about the obstacles presented by this pandemic,” he explained. “They recognized that the psychology and the emotional lives of these characters remain the same. They approach it through the lens of their own personal experiences, and I think that came through in this episode.”