Eve Hewson admits she was a bit of a “troublemaker” in her teenage years, and the actress daughter of U2 frontman Bono is talking all about her rebellious younger years in a new interview with Town and Country, via the Daily Mail.

The actress, who will soon be seen starring in the new Netflix thriller “Behind Her Eyes”, admitted she and her sister Ali were both handfuls when they were teenagers.

“We were little troublemakers,” she said. “There got to a point in my teens when my dad couldn’t hire good-looking support bands anymore. He was like, ‘No more boys in their 20s, please God!'”

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These days, she confessed, her love life is less than stellar.

“It’s hopeless out there. It’s really a disappointment. I’ve heard they’re creating these girlfriend robots and hopefully soon they’ll do boyfriend robots, so I think I’m just going to wait for those,” she joked. “You could just unplug them when they bother you.”

However, she said that her family life is far more fulfilling at the moment, although it’s not without its problems.

“We complain about each other all day long, but we’re genuinely kind of madly in love,” she said of her relationship with her family.

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“There was the fear that I would go off to L.A. and become some celebrity kid running around on Rodeo Drive,” she said of being the daughter of one of the world’s biggest rock stars. “I think any parent bringing up a kid in a certain lifestyle would have those fears.”