It has been nearly five years since Ben Higgins’ journey on “The Bachelor” came to a close, but only now has he revealed one of the biggest secrets he ever kept from his time as the season 20 lead.

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While appearing on Fubo Sports’ “Drinks With Binks” podcast, Higgins revealed that he contracted a stomach parasite right before the shooting for his season of the reality dating series began.

“The craziest thing that ever happened to me on this franchise, which I can speak to you openly [about] now, is I had a massive parasite the whole time I was on the show,” the 31-year-old said.

Continued Higgins: “I was in Honduras — which is a country I love — for a wedding. I get a parasite in my gut. It hits me the week that filming starts.”

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The reality star then shared that he lost 30 pounds from the parasite, but had to keep his illness on the down-low while filming.

“It was blamed on being stressed and anxious,” he said. “You can’t really share this after the show because that isn’t a great look for ‘The Bachelor,’ it’s not a great look for the contestants. It’s not a great look for the show that I was sick the whole time.”

The Alone in Plain Sight author also detailed how his intimate moments on the series were affected by his illness.

“You have to imagine what it’s like to be sitting on a date with somebody else, and all of a sudden you go, ‘uh oh.’ You tap out. You run. You run,” he recalled.

“That’s the craziest story that I’ve kind of kept hidden,” Higgins said.

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Check out more of his interview with Fubo Sports in the video below.