Rihanna’s latest style has people calling culture appropriation.

Rihanna posted a new photo to Twitter and Instagram on Monday. She is wearing a pair of lavender satin boxers by Savage X Fenty. Her accessories include matching purple jewels are a bracelet, a large pair of earrings and what appears to be a diamond-studded carving of the Hindu god Ganesha.

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While the images have generated tens of thousands of retweets, and hundreds of thousands of likes. There is a growing crowd, however, that accuses the “Umbrella” singer of appropriating their culture.

“You’re wearing a deity necklace and a Murthi (image of a deity) of my culture that’s already been culturally appropriated enough in the past few years,” reads an Instagram comment with more than 5,000 likes. “How is this okay when a person has more than enough resources to at least find out the meaning and significance of the chains and pendant around their neck?”

“Can we stop sexualizing people’s religion for clout?” another commenter chimed in. “I just don’t understand the purpose of having a necklace with lord Ganesh as part of a lingerie campaign.” Another user, meanwhile, wrote: “Our culture is not your costume.”

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One user offered a contrasting opinion: “I’m fine with you wearing this as long as you respect Hinduism.”

ET Canada has reached out to Rihanna’s rep for a comment.