When Jason Bateman can’t do the job, Will Arnett is happy to step in.

On Wednesday night, Arnett appeared as a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, filling in for his “Smartless” podcast co-host who had to cancel at the last minute.

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“I didn’t want to out him. I didn’t want to shame him,” Arnett said of Bateman. “But now that you mention it, yeah, Jason is obviously too busy.”

Kimmel said, “That’s exactly what they said, too busy. They said he was shooting his show so he couldn’t do the show. You know, I said, ‘Yeah, well, we’re shooting our show.”

Arnett added, “And he’s a good friend of yours, and he’d already said yes and then he backed out because ‘Blozark”s schedule changed or something.”

But Kimmel corrected him, “I think it’s called ‘Ozark’.”

“I said ‘Ozark’,” Arnett asserted.

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Kimmel then showed a picture of Bateman, supposedly from that very day, sitting around and using his phone.

“This was taken today, when he’s supposedly too busy to FaceTime into the show, there he is playing Words With Friends on his phone,” the host said.

“Which is hilarious,” Arnett added, “considering we know he doesn’t have that many friends.”