Tracee Ellis Ross could not believe how dismissive her mom Diana Ross was about this blouse.

Tracee recently joined Naomi Campbell on her YouTube series “No Filter with Naomi”. During the chat, the “black-ish” actress dished on a big fight she had with Diana back in the day.

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The comedian, 48, spotted a shirt that Diana, 76, had hanging in a closet. But this was no ordinary article of clothing. This was the black rhinestone-embellished blouse the singer wore during a performance with Michael Jackson in 1981.

“I was out in the garage at one point and I came back in the house with this shirt and I was like ‘MOM! What’s this! Why is this not in a case? This could pay for college!’ Tracee detailed.

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Tracee eventually wore her mom’s blouse while hosting the 2017 American Music Awards.