In the next episode of “WandaVision”, everyone’s favourite hero rests her eyes.

On Thursday, Disney+ debuted a preview clip from the sixth episode of the Marvel series, in which Wanda deals with the aftermath of her angry outburst.

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Styled after modern single-camera mockumentary sitcoms like “Modern Family”, the clip sees Wanda staying in bed, along with a direct-to-camera confessional.

“Look, we’ve all been there, right?” she says. “Letting our fear and anger get the best of us, intentionally expanding the borders of the false world we created.”

The clips then cuts to footage of people running for their lives from that expanding border.

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Suddenly, Wanda’s sons show up at the side of her bed to complain about their video game system acting strange and complaining that their heads feel weird.

“As punishment for my reckless evening, I plan on taking a quarantine-style staycation,” Wanda says. “A whole day. Just myself. That’ll show me.”

The new episode of “WandaVision” lands on Disney+ on Friday.